Kia ora to our Bronze, Silver, and Gold 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists. We're excited to invite you to join us at Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai.

Date: 2nd December 2021
Time: 10am - 12pm (AEDT)

Let's finish 2021 on a high together at Tourism New Zealand’s first-ever virtual event combining pre-scheduled appointments with end-of-year awards. Secure one-on-one appointments with a selection of key and award-winning New Zealand exhibitors, leave with strong business relationships and product knowledge that will enable you to sell New Zealand holidays in 2022.

Between appointments, we’ll invite you to join us in recognising and celebrating the most engaged, resilient, and passionate members of our Australian travel trade whānau in 2021. Please click on the second tile below titled "Hui Kaihāpai Awards" to learn more about the award categories, and how to win. 

This event is open to Bronze, Silver, and Gold certified 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists. If you are not a certified 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists but would love to come, there's still time! Register to the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme here and complete 10 training modules to achieve Bronze status. Once you are Bronze, you meet the criteria to join us at Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai and can register below.

Please read over the event FAQs below to learn more about the event. We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd of December, as together we celebrate 2021 and prepare for 2022.

Registations close Thursday 28th October 2021. 

Event FAQs

What is Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai?

Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai is our first-ever virtual event that combines pre-scheduled appointments with end-of-year awards. This event has been specifically designed for the Australian market based on the feedback we’ve received from you. The aim of this event is to connect our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists with key and high-quality New Zealand Exhibitors, allowing you to obtain directly from the experts and operators the information and inspiration you need to confidently sell New Zealand holidays. 

We will also use this opportunity to award some of the most engaged and resilient members of Tourism New Zealand’s Australian travel trade whānau to recognise the passion and work put in to keep the New Zealand dream alive for your clients during a challenging and uncertain year. 

What does Hui Kaihāpai mean?
  • Kaihāpai means advocate, champion, promoter, supporter, upholder, backer, campaigner, proponent.
  • Hui means to gather, congregate, assemble, meet.

Hui Kaihāpai is the name we’ve given to this event to signify the gathering of our key advocates, champions, and supporters – our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists and key New Zealand Exhibitors. 

When and where is Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai? 

Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai will be held virtually on Thursday, 2 December, 2021, from 10am – 12pm AEDT. The event will be held via the EventsAIR platform. See above to register. 

What is the cost to attend Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai? 

This year, there is no cost to attend Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai. 

Who can attend?

Australia-based 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists who are Gold, Silver and Bronze certified.

I'm not a certified 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist, but I'd love to come. How can I meet the criteria?

There is still time to meet the attendee criteria! Register to the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme here and complete 10 training modules to achieve Bronze status. Once you are Bronze, you meet the criteria to join us at Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai.

Who will be exhibiting? 

The New Zealand Exhibitors for this event have been invited by Tourism New Zealand, and comprise a selection of incredibly high quality and nationally recognised companies. 
Many of the exhibitors are either winners or runners-up in the Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience Awards 2021. Other exhibitors will include representatives from regional tourism organisations (RTOs), national tourism associations, and key nationwide operators for the Australian market. 

How many appointments will I receive at Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai?  

There are 10 available pre-scheduled appointment slots at Tourism New Zealand’s Hui Kaihāpai. Attendee numbers will exceed exhibitors for this event. That means attendees may not receive a full appointment schedule.
Tourism New Zealand cannot guarantee a minimum number of pre-scheduled appointments. Both exhibitors and attendees are responsible for providing their appointment preferences through the EventsAIR platform once it opens on Monday, 1 November 2021. 

What if I don’t get an appointment with an exhibitor I want to meet with? 

To register for this event, all exhibitors consent to having their contact details shared. Following the completion of the event, Tourism New Zealand will share all exhibitor contacts with attendees. Likewise, exhibitors will also receive all attendee contacts. 

What if I am no longer able to attend after my registration is confirmed? 

Please notify Tourism New Zealand right away if you are no longer able to attend and we can arrange to cancel your registration. 
If you have already submitted preferences for meeting appointments, please urgently inform Tourism New Zealand so we can arrange to reset your preferences.
If you have already received your final matched appointment scheduled, please urgently notify Tourism New Zealand and the exhibitors you are matched with. 

What are the awards, and how can I win?

Tourism New Zealand will be giving away three awards in categories that recognise different aspects of commitment, resilience and passion for New Zealand.

  1. The Hoa (friend, companion, mate, ally) – This person is a friend of Tourism New Zealand who claims the title of the top Facebook contributor of 2021 through engaging not only with Tourism New Zealand but also their fellow travel sellers (from Jan – Nov 2021). There’s still time to win, join our Australian Facebook group here, and every like, comment, post, and share will count towards the final result.
  2. The Ākonga (student, pupil, learner) - This person is a champion of learning who has displayed passion for seeking knowledge by attending the most Tourism New Zealand (Australia) webinars in 2021 (Jan - Nov). There’s still time to win, join our upcoming Virtual Road Trips and your attendance will count towards the final result. 
  3. The Aumangea (brave, persistent, determined, resilient) – This award is all about showcasing and recognising the Australian Travel Specialist who has displayed resilience and passion in keeping the New Zealand dream alive during challenging and uncertain times. This award is submission-based so please visit this page to learn more about how, what, and where to submit your nomination. (terms and conditions)

Will I receive training on the EventsAIR platform leading up to the event?

Yes. Tourism New Zealand will be providing registrants with relevant guides in PDF and video formats. Additionally, Tourism New Zealand and the EventsAIR team will host joint webinar sessions leading up to the event to give registrants the opportunity to have their questions answered live. 


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