100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme

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We know New Zealand’s a great place. We want you to know too.

Our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme is a fun, interactive way to increase your knowledge of New Zealand.

Each new level of achievement will upgrade your status to Bronze, Silver or Gold. Unlock a range of great benefits as you progress through the tiers.

Get inspired, increase your sales and help create your clients' dream trip.

To get started, sign up and complete some fun and interactive online training modules.

Why become a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist?

  • Become eligible for Tourism New Zealand’s Explore Self-Famil Discount Programme(opens in new window)
  • Boost your ability to plan and sell New Zealand holidays
  • Access to exclusive content, tools and resources
  • Gain credibility with clients through use of the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist logo and preferential listings on newzealand.com

Hear a Specialist's perspective

We know New Zealand is a special place.

But don't just take our word for it, hear what 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists have to say. 


A Specialist's perspective

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