This year, Tourism New Zealand is reconising the passion, dedication, support, and resilience of our Australian travel trade whānau. We acknowledge 2021 has not been an easy year for tourism and our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialists have been particularly affected. Throughout this challenging year, however, you have shown courage and commitment to keeping the New Zealand holiday dream alive for yourselves and your clients, and Tourism New Zealand is immensely grateful.

To celebrate you and your work, Tourism New Zealand's Australia Trade team is conducting our first-ever end-of-year award ceremony, as part of our upcoming Hui Kaihāpai event. Tourism New Zealand are giving away three awards in categories that recognise different aspects of commitment, connection and passion for supporting New Zealand tourism. The categories are...


The Hoa 
(friend, companion, mate, ally)
This person is a friend of Tourism New Zealand who claims the title of the top Facebook contributor of 2021 through engaging not only with Tourism New Zealand but also their fellow travel sellers (from Jan – Nov 2021). 
The Ākonga
(student, pupil, learner)
This person is a champion of learning who has displayed passion for seeking knowledge by attending the most Tourism New Zealand (Australia) webinars in 2021 (Jan - Nov). 
The Aumangea
(brave, persistent, determined, resilient)
This award is all about showcasing and recognising the Australian Travel Specialist who has displayed resilience and passion in keeping the New Zealand dream alive during challenging and uncertain times. This award is submission-based so read the FAQ below to learn more about how, what, and where to submit your nomination
The Aumangea FAQ
Why is this award significant?
This award recognises the most courageous travel specialist who has demonstrated the qualities of resilience, bravery and determination while keeping the New Zealand travel dream alive during these challenging and uncertain times. The winner of this award has shown true creativity and passion to keep going during tough times, and keep the travel dream alive for their clients. 
How do I submit a nomination?
Please submit your nomination here. The format of your submission must be either:
  1. PowerPoint presentation: up to 5 slides max
  2. Video presentation: up to 1-min max
 Please read the submission terms and conditions
What is the criteria and how do I win?
To win this award, you must demonstrate to Tourism New Zealand the ways in which you’ve displayed bravery, resilience, and creativity in keeping the New Zealand dream alive for your clients in 2021. There are many ways in which this could be done, here are some examples:
  • You may host your own Facebook group in which you have consistently posted inspirational New Zealand content to your clients in 2021
  • You may have hosted your own New Zealand webinars to your clients
  • You may have sold a lot of New Zealand bookings in 2021
  • You may have learned some Te Reo Maori to help teach clients about New Zealand
We’d love to see your creativity, so don’t be shy in letting your work and commitment shine through. 
What are the deadlines?
Submissions are open now. Tourism New Zealand will stop taking submissions from 22 October 2021, 5pm AEST. 
How and when will I know if I’ve won?
The winner will be notified by Tourism New Zealand via email in the week of the 8th of November.
Will the winner get a prize? 
Yes, the winner of this award will be surprised with meaningful and uniquely New Zealand goodies!
The Hoa and The Ākonga FAQ
Why are these awards significant?

The Hoa award touches on the concept of a friend or companion. The award recognises the travel agent who has consistently engaged with the Tourism New Zealand Australian travel trade Facebook group, connecting with their fellow agents and sharing their knowledge and favourite New Zealand travel stories.

The Ākonga award is all about recognising the agent who is the champion of learning, eager to engage in our webinars, consistently supports our activity and enriches New Zealand through seeking more knowledge.
Is there still a chance to win?
Yes! The data from each award will be assessed between Jan - Nov 2021, so there is still a couple more months left for you to increase your engagement and get in the draw to win.

Join our Australian Facebook group here, and every like, comment, post, and share will count towards the final result, or join our upcoming Virtual Road Trips and your attendance will count towards the final result. 
How and when will I know if I’ve won?
The winner will be notified by Tourism New Zealand via email in the week of the 8th of November.

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