Pink and White Terraces brought back to life

Waimangu Volcanic Valley (Rotorua) have launched an augmented reality (AR) app which grants visitors the opportunity to experience the world-famous Pink and White Terraces for the first time since they disappeared in the Mount Tarawera eruption of 1886. 

App in action at Waimangu Volcanic Valley.
The geological formations - once known as the Eighth Wonder of the World – has been brought to life with a specially-developed app launched by Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Visitors just have to hold up their device as they explore the site to discover its hidden secrets. 

Although the Pink and White Terraces will be a key attraction, the app also reveals geological insights like the now-extinct Waimangu Geyser, which regularly played in the valley between 1900 and 1904. The geyser was known to erupt to heights of over 400 metres – roughly the same size as the Empire State Building.

The app is free to download on Apple and Android devices. Visitors are recommended to download the app before they arrive at Waimangu.  

Read more about the app here

Waimangu Volcanic Valley is the world’s youngest geothermal valley, created following the Mount Tarawera eruption in 1886. Today, the eco-tourism experience features spectacular volcanic craters, enormous hot water springs, beautiful geothermal features, and a wide array of wildlife.

Visitors can explore the geothermal system on foot, or by boat, to discover its 22 volcanic craters, one of the world’s largest hot water springs and the site of the Pink and White Terraces. 

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