Although New Zealand's land area is small, it has broad feelings. It has a unique history, vibrant culture, and countless activity experiences-most of which are outdoor activities in New Zealand's world-renowned nature.

Of course, your customers will want to know key basic information about New Zealand to plan their travels and make travel easy and hassle-free. The following is the basic information of New Zealand:
Population : about 4.4 million.
Currency : New Zealand dollar (NZ $).
Climate : New Zealand's climate is generally mild with sea breeze blowing from the coastline. The souther it gets colder.
Season : Summer begins in December and lasts until the end of February. Winter begins in mid-June.
People : New Zealanders are affectionately called "Kiwis" and are known for their warm and friendly character and laid-back lifestyle. The Maori are a native indigenous group, but New Zealand is now home to many ethnic groups, including Pacific Islanders and a growing Asian population.
Time zone : New Zealand is 11 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+12 GMT). Daylight saving time (daylight saving time) is implemented from the end of September to the beginning of April, and the clock is advanced by one hour to +13 GMT.
Visa requirements : 从2019年10月1日起,从免签国家前往新西兰的游客需在出发前申请电子旅游签证(ETA)。并且需要支付国际游客环境保护和旅游征税。点击链接查看更多详情。

Arrival in New Zealand: Upon arrival in New Zealand, your client will be required to complete an entry card. This card is only available in English but you can view the Chinese translation by clicking the link below. You can suggest your customers to print out this translation and bring it to New Zealand to help them fill out the arrival card.

New Zealand Immigration Card (Simplified Chinese)  
New Zealand
Immigration Card (Traditional Chinese)

Customs: In order to prevent pests and diseases, New Zealand has very strict biological inspection procedures at airports and ports. If your customers bring contraband into New Zealand, they face fines. Visit the official website of the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries to find out what your customers are allowed or prohibited from bringing into New Zealand.
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