New Zealand has something for every client and once you know their needs, you can tailor New Zealand to suit them. That’s the beauty of a destination as diverse as New Zealand.

This section has information on luxury experiences available in New Zealand for your clients and a sample 14 day itinerary for inspiration.

Downloadable Luxury Resource

This guide aims to help you promote and offer New Zealand to your high-end clients. It highlights some of New Zealand’s most sought-after accommodation, describes some of the key regions they can visit and suggests some of the must-do experiences.
Download the Luxury Resource   (pdf, 1.6MB)

14 day Sample Itinerary

For such a small and compact destination, there is a wealth of impressive luxury accommodation and no end to memorable experiences. Top that off with some well thought through transfer options to make a seamless and efficient journey, a two week holiday in New Zealand can provide your clients with their ultimate adventure.

For a sample itinerary to help you visualise how a luxury 2 week itinerary through New Zealand might look, please download the sample itinerary provided– and this is just a taster.

Download the 14 day sample itinerary

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