New Zealand has a large network of tour operators and guided tours are a great no-hassle way to travel. Tours can also be customised for your clients group.

Sightseeing Tours: One day sightseeing tours are a great way to maximise their travel time. As well as seeing key sights and attractions, they’ll have the advantage of an informative commentary to expand their knowledge of New Zealand.

Guided Tours: There are real benefits to having a knowledgeable local show them around. Guided tours usually involve a small group following a customised, multi-day itinerary. Their guide does the driving, so they can relax.

Independent Tours: On an independent tour in New Zealand, they'll be in the driver’s seat. The tour company assembles a detailed travel agenda that’s exactly to their tastes, and them lets them enjoy the freedom of a self-guided holiday.

Group Tours: Multi-day group tours can be excellent value for money, and lots of fun too. Whether they want to see the entire country, or just one region, group tour companies utilise a variety of popular itineraries.


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