If your clients are keen to get out and see the best of New Zealand's beautiful and varied scenery, they should think about jumping on a bike. This country is well-suited to being viewed from the saddle.

The New Zealand Cycle Trail offers 22 Great Rides, where clients can explore the depths of the country, including areas inaccessible by car. Whether wanting a short, relaxed peddle or a more challenging ride such as sloping mountain trails, there's a cycling experience for everyone. A guided tour makes sure they don't miss any of the local sights, but they're most welcome to go it alone and take their own time.

Nga Haerenga New Zealand Cycling Trail

Showcasing some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking scenery and diverse attractions, this free network of bike trails caters to passionate cyclists at all levels of fitness and experience.

We have a number of videos available that profile some of the trails along the New Zealand Cycling Trail. View the videos in the Training and Resources section here.
Find out about the commissionable product that can be found along the New Zealand Cycle Trail.

For more information on the trails and tips on planning a great cycling holiday in New Zealand for your clients, download the New Zealand Cycle Trail Guide (pdf, 5MB).
For details of operators that organise rentals and guided trips for cycling holidays, download the operator guide (PDF).

Download a copy of the New Zealand Cycle Trail Product Manual (split into 3 parts).

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