Janelle Grissinger

Janelle Grissinger

Janelle Grissinger is the owner of Janelle & Co. Travel LLC, a Pennsylvania-based travel agency with a team of 12 independent advisors. She loves traveling and making a difference. Her travel agency has grown very quickly in the past five years. Janelle has built a strong reputation within the Travel Leaders Network, as well as the greater travel advisor community. Approximately 90% of Janelle and Co’s inquiries are received through social media and client referrals. Janelle has created Facebook Friendly Groups, totalling over 15, 000 travel advisors, to provide peer-to-peer support and community networking.  


Janelle's thoughts on New Zealand


There is something magical about New Zealand.

You leave just a little bit different than when you arrived. I’m not sure I can even put my finger on exactly what it is, but I know it has something to do with the people of New Zealand. Their ability to share their connection to the universe, to bring you in to that with a warmth I’ve not experienced anywhere else on earth, it affects you to the core.  

The diversity of the landscape of New Zealand is hard to put into words.

If you can picture the perfect scene from just about every awe inspiring setting in the world, and put it into a place no bigger than California, that might be it. The most stunning beaches, snowcapped mountains, to gorgeous rivers, forests, and everything in between! Seeing is believing and New Zealand needs to be at the top of everyone’s bucket list.  

The world could learn a thing or two from Kiwis.

Their concept of Manaakitanga, and their dedication to the environment is inspiring. We should all strive to be that committed to taking care of each other and the world.  

Having a local guide makes all the difference when visiting New Zealand.

Because the people are the heart of the country, going without one is like watching a movie without sound or subtitles.  It might look beautiful, but you are going to miss the whole plot.  

 I’ve not met one person who has visited New Zealand that didn’t say “I’ll be back someday”. I’m no different. 

Janelle's Top 10 Experiences

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