Learn about how you can add value to your business by leveraging our campaigns through:

Through Our Advertising

We advertise our 100% Pure New Zealand campaign in paid media in some offshore markets. You can benefit by knowing when our campaign will be profiled so you:
  • Align your own marketing and promotional activity with our timing
  • Increase the profile of New Zealand in your markets
  • Raise consumer awareness so potential clients will be motivated to visit and book their trip
To find out when the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign will be running in your market go to our corporate website.
To discuss further marketing opportunities around our advertising contact your local Tourism New Zealand office.

Through Our Website newzealand.com

Our consumer website www.newzealand.com was launched in 1999 and plays a key role in our 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.  It currently attracts an average of 3.7 million page hits a month.  It provides factual and useful information that aids travel planning and decision-making by:
  • Listing more than 9,000 accommodation, transport, activities and visitor attractions
  • Offering 40 driving routes that combine New Zealand highlights and activities
  • Listing all i-SITE visitor information centres
  • Providing features on current events and activities 
  • Being multi-lingual including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and German
If you list your business on our website you’ll be visible to consumers searching for a travel seller in your region.  To list your business you must register first.
Select partners in some markets can also list Travel Deals on our website.  To find out more contact your local Tourism New Zealand office. 

Get Involved In Our Events

We offer a number of consumer and trade events in our markets:
  • Kiwi Link is our major in-market trade event and focuses on training or product development.  It runs every 18-24 months in Japan, India, Asia, North America and the United Kingdom.
  • TRENZ is New Zealand’s iconic annual travel trade event.  This 4 day event in New Zealand offers an opportunity to learn about the breadth and depth of quality New Zealand tourism products.  Travel trade from our offshore markets are invited by Tourism New Zealand and the Tourism Industry Association.
  • Marketing Partnerships.  We also partner with key New Zealand based events to increase visitors to the event as well as destinations covered at that event.  We choose our partnerships based on how well they align with the way we position New Zealand as a destination and add value to our 100% Pure New Zealand campaign. 

Develop Your Product knowledge

We undertake in depth research to understand what motivates each of our target markets to visit New Zealand, what activities they like to do here and what experiences they enjoy the most.  Use our research to:
  • Guide and advise you on what product you should be profiling in your market to attract clients to holiday in New Zealand 
  • Help you develop new itineraries
  • Help you promote new regions 
Contact your local Tourism New Zealand office for product development assistance.
We also publish a range of articles to introduce you to new experiences that could appeal to your clients.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get up to date product information to help you develop your New Zealand packages.

Participate In Trade Training

Our trade training gives you the knowledge and skills to convert customer interest into purchase decisions.  These include in-house training, self-guided online training modules and live online training webinars.
Training is coordinated by Tourism New Zealand staff based offshore.  It includes training seminars and product education, often supported by:
  • New Zealand tourism operators or Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs)
  • Familiarisation trips to New Zealand
  • Public relations activities aimed at travel trade audiences 
  • Servicing of direct travel trade enquiries
Use our online trade training tools to upskill knowledge for you or your staff at your own pace.  If you would like us to undertake in-house training at your business contact your local Tourism New Zealand office. 

Trade Shows

We regularly attend some travel shows in key markets around the world in tandem with the industry to help promote Destination New Zealand.
We also organise roadshows to some of our emerging markets. Look out for us under the 100% Pure New Zealand banner. 
Our trade shows are a great opportunity to get useful information from an impartial, non-commercial source about:
  • Destinations
  • Itinerary planning
  • Product updates 
To find trade shows and training events near you see our Events section.

Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing offers travel sellers an opportunity to market their product under the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign umbrella.  It offers direct incentives that link back to our campaign message. Find out more on our Campaign Activity page.

We offer tailored content for your location