Give your clients the info they need to get out and experience New Zealand, with the help of our maps and transport tools.

Here you'll find a whole lot of essential tools for understanding how to get around New Zealand, and how long it might take. A look at different transportation types available will help you to match your clients with the best mode of transport to suit their exploration of New Zealand. There are so many ways they can explore this beautiful country.

  • Time/Distance Calculator

    Find out the travelling distance between regions in New Zealand. This is a great planning tool that can be used when creating itineraries for your clients.

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  • Downloadable Maps

    Downloadable maps for you or your clients to use when planning a trip to New Zealand. Choose a map for the North or South Island, various regions, or grab one of the whole country.

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  • Air transport

    Find out about the different options available for your clients when travelling to New Zealand and around New Zealand.  

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  • Transport types

    Our compact country is fun to explore in so many different ways, from luxury helicopters or limousines, to rental cars and coaches/bus tours – or even by motorcycle for the adventurous.

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