If there was ever a country you’ll love planning a trip to, it’s New Zealand. From pristine beaches to dramatic mountain scapes, sun-soaked relaxation to snow-covered adrenaline pumping adventures, New Zealand has something for everyone.

All the tools you need to understand and get inspired by our beautiful country are here. You’ll find over 40 itineraries to give you a great start with your own planning, as well as ideas for themed trips to delight your clients. We’ve given you great overviews of what to expect from each of New Zealand’s regions including their key selling points, from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North – as well as accommodation guides, maps and so many more planning tools.   

And don’t forget to come back often, because Tourism New Zealand staff members will be regularly sharing their favourite “undiscovered gems” in our country – helping you build an extra-special itinerary for clients who want to do things a little differently.

  • 2,635,726 visitor arrivals to NZ

    3,300,000 visitor arrivals

  • 10.8%25 increase in growth from previous year

    Growth from previous year

  • 98%25 positive feedback from others about NZ

    Positive feedback to others about NZ

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