August 2018: Zip lining and tree top adventures

The growing trend of zip lining involves an exhilarating mix of adrenaline, speed and nature.

Rotorua Canopy Tours
Spend time in New Zealand's forests and you will begin to understand how the country once was.

Before the arrival of humans, New Zealand’s ecosystem was isolated and unique. Remarkable flora and fauna had evolved – the likes of which could be found nowhere else in the world.

Conservation efforts in recent decades have allowed the majestic native forest and diverse birdlife to regain strength in many areas throughout New Zealand.

An impressive way to explore the forest is from above, either on foot or by whizzing through the canopy on a zip line tour. 

EcoZip Adventures, Waiheke Island

EcoZip Adventures offers state-of-the-art flying fox zip lines and an eco-immersive forest walk on breathtaking Waiheke Island, for nature lovers of all ages. 

Your clients will enjoy the full Waiheke experience with a complimentary pick up from the island ferry and a range of drop-off locations afterward.

Redwoods TreeWalk, Rotorua

The Redwoods TreeWalk allows you to walk among giants, Californian coastal redwoods.
The TreeWalk consists of 23 suspension bridges traversing between 22 trees. It gives walkers a unique view of the native undergrowth below from up to 12 metres above the ground. At 553 metres long it allows plenty of time to appreciate the beauty of the forest that is quite different from what you experience on the ground.

This is a great opportunity for both young and old who can walk unaided to feel a sense of freedom at height without the need to wear harnesses or protective gear.

Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua and New Zealand designer David Trubridge have recently partnered to create a new nocturnal tourism experience: the Redwoods Nightlights. 
The night-time experience will offer visitors the opportunity to explore Rotorua’s majestic Redwood Forest under the shroud of darkness.

Rotorua Canopy Tours 

A novel way to see New Zealand’s magnificent primeval forests the way the birds do – from the treetops. The three-hour Original tour lets you soar through the forest along zip lines, cross treetop swing bridges and perch on treetop platforms up to 22 metres high above the forest floor.

For those more adventurous clients; recommend the new Ultimate tour which is longer and more spectacular. This experience is a step up in adventure level, taking guests deeper into the untouched New Zealand forest and incorporates some incredible new features. 

Skyline Rotorua 

Zoom Ziplines takes you on an adventure ride in the sky high above Rotorua. One moment you are admiring the majestic views of the beautiful geothermal lake – the next zipping through the air on a thrilling ride.

The 383m zip line launches from the top of the Skyline Rotorua complex, down the side of Mt Ngongotaha.  Zip through the air at up to 80km/h, through the redwoods forest.

At the end of the zip line, the fun isn’t over yet. If your clients are feeling brave, they can jump off the gangplank for a 10m freefall on the Quickjump. The Quickjump sees you harnessed to a single line and freefalling, before a special braking system ensures a soft landing. 

West Coast Tree Walk 

An exhilarating treetop adventure among temperate rainforest giants. Experience life with the birds, high in the ancient Rimu and Kamahi tree canopy. 

Easy access for all to enjoy along a steel platform 20 metres high and over 450 metres long.

Your clients can enjoy a leisurely 45-minute to an hour-long stroll through the beautiful West Coast rainforest tree tops.

Ziptrek Ecotours, Queenstown 

Ziptrek is a multi-award-winning adventure ecotourism business which delivers awareness and appreciation of the natural environment along with a good dose of zip lining adventure. 
Between zip lines, guests step on and off a series of architecturally-designed aerial launch platforms where guides deliver an interpretive talk with a strong ecological focus before “zipping” to the next tree platform.

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