Changes to Tourism New Zealand’s Trade website

You may have noticed some minor changes made to the Trade website recently. We’ve done our research and looked into ways in which we can improve the site and make it easier for you to find the information you need to sell a holiday in New Zealand.

So we’ve reorganised the content and make some changes to the section headings on the site.
Don’t worry though, the content is the same as it was before, it’s just a reorganisation.

New sections:

Planning trips

Includes all the information you need to plan a holiday for your clients.  Itineraries, Regional and Product information along with the Time/Distance calculator.
Sales Tools
Contains marketing material, factsheets and Industry contacts.


The section has all the information you need to increase your knowledge of New Zealand including access to our online training modules and our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme.


You’ll be able to find out what Tourism New Zealand can offer you such as our popular Explore New Zealand discount programme.
We strive to continually improve the Trade website to ensure it’s easy to find information and delivers the most useful content to help you plan the most appropriate trips for your clients.
Feel free to provide us with feedback on the site using our Feedback Form.

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