New Zealand: How to sell

We've fast tracked your learning about holidays in New Zealand

Each video addresses a key selling theme and answers many of the questions we receive from agents like yourself.

Overcoming barriers to Travel - Americas

How to overcome your client's barriers to booking a trip to New Zealand.

Understanding the seasons in New Zealand - Americas

Each season in New Zealand is distinct, and average temperatures do vary by season. But as a general rule of thumb, the majority of attractions throughout Ne...

Natural wonders of New Zealand - Americas

You probably know New Zealand is like no other vacation destination. But did you know we offer a unique mix of captivating natural attractions and unusual wi...

A Self-drive Journey through New Zealand - Americas

With all there is to see and do in New Zealand and with short drive times between the highlights in your client’s itinerary, it really is the prefect self-dr...

The Ease of Domestic Air Travel in New Zealand - Americas

Don’t forget to book your clients a window seat!Thanks to a strong domestic air network, your clients can see much of the country as in little as 14 days, al...

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