Wednesday, March 30, 2022

New Zealand introduces new online Traveller Declaration

New Zealand has introduced a new online declaration for all travellers arriving by air.

From 11:59pm 31 March 2022, everyone travelling into New Zealand by air is required to complete and submit a New Zealand Traveller Declaration.

The New Zealand Traveller Declaration system requires travellers to upload their recent travel history and COVID-19 health-related information prior to their departure for New Zealand, which could include their vaccination status and pre-departure test.

The online system will assess travellers’ information before they start their journey and issue a Traveller Pass, which will inform them on what they need to do to enter New Zealand – such as self-test on arrival. 

Over time, the New Zealand Traveller Declaration system will make processing and assessing travellers’ information faster and easier and help to manage the higher number of travellers expected at our borders.

The New Zealand Traveller Declaration replaces the current Nau Mai Rā declaration system. Declarations can be completed in Nau Mai Rā or the New Zealand Traveller Declaration until 31 March 2022.

All traveller declarations after 31 March 2022 must be completed in the New Zealand Traveller Declaration system. Any travellers who have started or completed a declaration in Nau Mai Rā for travel after 31 March 2022, will receive an email request to complete a declaration through the NZTD system instead. 

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OVERVIEW:  The New Zealand Traveller Declaration

Everyone travelling to New Zealand needs to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration: returning New Zealanders, tourists, students and business travellers. 

To complete a traveller declaration, travellers will need to provide: 

  • passport details 
  • flight information 
  • proof of vaccination – if required* 
  • travel history for 14 days prior to arriving in New Zealand 
  • contact details in New Zealand
  • emergency contact details 
  • proof of a pre-departure test – unless exempt*

* Check in new window) for more information on pre-departure requirements.

The Traveller Pass will contain a unique QR code which is valid for the journey applied for.

Travellers will be asked to show the Traveller Pass to their airline at departure check-in, and on arrival in New Zealand.

The Traveller Pass can be printed out or uploaded to a mobile device.

Traveller Factsheet:  A quick guide that helps explain the process for the New Zealand Traveller Declaration and what is required from travellers to complete and submit the online declaration. Download Traveller Factsheet(opens in new window)

Video: Guide to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration(opens in new window)