We know New Zealand is one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. We want to help you understand why by understanding all about our 100% Pure New Zealand brand.

Our Campaign
Our 100% Pure New Zealand campaign was launched in 1999.  It’s changed and evolved but still aims to make New Zealand one of the most desirable destinations in the world for our target market.  The markets are different:  Melbourne, London, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, Berlin or Tokyo.  The message is the same:  It’s our special combination of activities, landscape, people and culture that makes New Zealand a unique holiday experience.  We call that experience 100% Pure New Zealand.  
We continue to market New Zealand internationally as a tourism destination through our 100% Pure New Zealand campaign. It’s at the heart of our advertising, international PR, online marketing, event and sponsorships.  For more information about 100% Pure New Zealand visit our corporate website.
Our Target Market 
We know how important it is to know your target market.  We researched people already showing an active interest in coming to New Zealand for a holiday.  We asked who are these people, what’s important to them, why does New Zealand appeal and what would a New Zealand holiday look like for them?
We discovered they are over 18, willing to spend a minimum set amount of their holiday here and have New Zealand on their list as a preferred future holiday destination.  To find out more about our ‘Active Considerer’ research go to our corporate website.
We’re using information like this to tailor our marketing messages to the interests and priorities of travellers in each of our target markets.  It’s our way of trying to convert their interest in New Zealand into actual sales.
Brand New Zealand 
The Brand New Zealand symbol is the fern. It features in our Tourism New Zealand corporate logo. It’s a trade marked country-of-origin brand, used by tourism and trade operators to promote New Zealand internationally and within New Zealand.