Download as many maps as you might need to help with putting together itineraries or for giving to your clients.

The maps are available as both jpg or pdf file formats.

Remember to allow for windy roads, weather conditions, and plenty of sightseeing stops along the way when you're planning itineraries and travel times.

Map of New Zealand

New Zealand Low Resolution map (JPG 30KB)
New Zealand A3 map (PDF 116KB)

Map of the North Island

North Island Low Resolution map (JPG 81KB)
North Island (PDF 1391KB)

Map of the South Island

South Island Low Resolution map (JPG 95KB)
South Island map (PDF 1627KB)

Maps of North Island Regions 

Auckland (JPG 40KB) Auckland (PDF 1.9KB)
Bay of Plenty (JPG 41KB) Bay of Plenty (PDF 1865KB)
Coromandel (JPG 34KB) Coromandel (PDF 2039KB)
Eastland (JPG 36KB) Eastland (PDF 1610KB)
Hamilton- Waikato (JPG 41KB) Hamilton- Waikato (PDF 2121KB) 
Hawke's Bay (JPG 37KB) Hawke's Bay (PDF 1931KB)
Lake Taupo (JPG 40KB) Lake Taupo (PDF 2362KB)
Manawatu (JPG 47KB) Manawatu (PDF 2016KB)
Rotorua (JPG 32KB) Rotorua (PDF 2039KB)
Ruapehu (JPG 47KB) Ruapehu (PDF 2361KB)
Taranaki (JPG 38KB) Taranki (PDF 1725KB)
Wairarapa (JPG 34KB) Wairarapa (PDF 1862KB)
Wellington (JPG 33KB) Wellington (PDF 1977KB)
Whanganui (JPG 45KB) Whanganui (PDF 2016KB)

Maps of South Island Regions

Christchurch- Canterbury (JPG 30KB) Christchurch- Canterbury (PDF 2666KB)
Central Otago (JPG 40KB) Central Otago (PDF 2187KB)
Dunedin- Coastal Otago (JPG 40KB) Dunedin- Coastal Otago (PDF 1796KB)
Fiordland (JPG 39KB) Fiordland (PDF 1799KB)
Wanaka (JPG 42KB) Wanaka (PDF 2101KB)
Marlborough (JPG 40KB) Marlborough (PDF 1900KB)
Nelson (JPG 38KB) Nelson (PDF 2085KB)
Queenstown (JPG 44KB) Queenstown (PDF 2079KB)
Southland (JPG 41KB) Southland (PDF 1889KB)
West Coast (JPG 43KB) West Coast (PDF 2083KB)