Postcard from Aotearoa New Zealand

Sometimes words aren’t enough so we’re sending a visual message to our international travel whānau (family) to remind you that we’re thinking of you.

Tekapo, New Zealand
We hope you’ll enjoy the calm and simple beauty in these images from Aotearoa New Zealand. 

We’re here, staying home for the moment, taking care of our land, our waterways and our wildlife. And, we’ll be ready to welcome your clients back, with our own warm and unique embrace, when the time is right.

Here are the words to help you remember the images.

To our international travel whānau (family)     

As the sun rises over the ocean,
our forests breathe,
nature sings, 
and streams flow from our mountains.

Rain falls
nourishing the land.   

And when the sun sets,      
the stars rise above. 

Our people are caring for this place,
waiting to welcome your clients back.

Stay safe, stay strong. Kia kaha.