Hobbiton Movie Set 'Evening Dinner Tours'

Hobbiton™ Movie Set is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Evening Dinner Tours’, to begin on June 4 2014.

Balloons over Hobbiton
After months of work, the Hobbit holes have been fully wired, giving Hobbiton Movie Set the ability to extend tours into the evening for a truly magical experience. The Hobbit holes and other iconic landmarks including the mill, the bridge, the Party Tree and The Green Dragon™ Inn will be lit and glowing in the night sky.

Guests will experience the beauty of Hobbiton Movie Set at dusk with a guided tour through The Shire. The journey concludes at The Green Dragon™ Inn with ample time to relax in front of the open fires enjoying a complimentary beverage from the exclusive Hobbit Southfarthing™ range. Guests will then be moved through into the Green Dragon dining room and treated to a banquet feast fit for a Hobbit. The tables will be full of traditional Hobbit fare and as is the tradition in The Shire, second helpings are encouraged.

To conclude this premium Hobbiton Movie Set experience, after dinner the guests will re-join their guide to make their way back through the wandering paths of the Shire. The trails will be illuminated by path lighting and each guest will receive an authentic handheld lantern to light the way. This stunning journey under moonlight will travel through the village breathtakingly lit up with Hobbit hole chimney’s smoking and lanterns glowing against the darkness.