• driving.jpgPrint out, or email, your clients theDriving in New Zealand fact sheet , which outlines the main road rules and differences. It is advisable to include this with your clients travel documents.  
  • Refer them to the Drive Safe website for comprehensive information about driving in New Zealand.
  • Advise your clients to use the Travel Time and Distance Calculator or GPS to plan their journey, as driving in New Zealand can often take longer than expected due to narrow windy roads.
  • Suggest purchasing a car USB hub - If your clients will be driving a lot or they are planning to stay in campsites where charging facilities may be limited, suggest purchasing a USB hub for the car, which will enable charging multiple devices at once while driving.
  • New Zealand websites to recommend for checking weather and road conditions are: Metservice, AA Roadwatch, NZ Transport Agency.
  • driving-in-nz-icon.jpgEncourage your clients to take the tourist driving test to ensure a self-drive holiday is the right travel style for them.

AA Visiting Drivers Training Programme  

Whether your clients are seasoned overseas drivers or first timers it’s worth directing them to the AA’s Visiting Drivers Training Programme, so they can familiarise themselves with the New Zealand road rules. This is especially useful if they are picking up a vehicle within a few days of arriving.

If you have booked their car hire through Thrifty, Jucy or Europcar then they can purchase a certificate upon completion for $10 and show this at pick-up to get a $10 fuel voucher or similar ancillary discount, it will also save time as they can demonstrate they know the road rules.