The temperate climate in New Zealand means our weather is changeable, and people often question what they will need bring.

Here are some easy to remember items that every New Zealand visitor should pack, no matter what time of year.
FOOTWEAR.JPGGood quality solid footwear – New Zealand walking tracks can be rough so recommend comfortable, closed toe and sturdy footwear.   
LAYERS-(1).JPGLayers, but avoid cotton – Thermals/fleece are a great idea because they stay warm when wet. Cotton and denim won’t keep them warm when it's wet, and this is always a possibility in New Zealand's outdoors.  
RAINJACKET.JPGA rain jacket is essential - The weather in New Zealand is changeable and even if it doesn’t rain some alpine areas are significantly cooler so the extra layer can help keep them warm.  
HATGLOVES.JPGSunscreen and sunglasses - Even on an overcast day, the New Zealand sun is strong and can burn quickly, SPF50 is recommended.  
FIRST-AIS-(1).JPGFirst aid kit - Some parts of New Zealand are quite remote and pharmacies, doctors or hospitals may be several hours away. You should always recommend they carry basic medications and first aid kits.   

If your clients are planning to do any of the day hikes or multi-day Great Walks, then the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council have produced a series of helpful videos that will help them prepare: