Most visitors come to New Zealand to enjoy our unique natural environment, but visitors unfamiliar with the great outdoors can underestimate the risks associated it. A walk in a city park is very different to a walk in a National Park. 

Make sure your clients have the right information

If your clients are planning independent adventures, 'Plan My Trip' allows you to enter basic information about your clients' activities and receive handy alerts, forecasts, suggested trails, packing lists and other relevant resources, which you can download or email. If your clients are planning to do one of our Great Walks then you can also register their plans on the AdventureSmart website and list yourself, or a family member, as a contact.


If you have recommended a Day Hike or one of our Great Walks to your clients, then these Outdoor Guides from the Mountain Safety Council will help ensure they are well prepared.

Remind your clients to consider the following before starting any outdoor activity:

weather.JPGChangeable weather: New Zealand’s weather can change extremely quickly and can be severe at times. It’s important to be prepared for wet, cold weather if heading out into the bush, the mountains or onto the water. On sunny days, New Zealand’s clear, unpolluted atmosphere and relatively low latitudes produce very strong sunlight, so advise they wear hats and sun block.   
palns.JPGChallenging terrain: Don’t underestimate any “walk” outside of the main centres. Your clients need to be reasonably fit to enjoy our bush, mountains and national parks. Check out the recommended level of fitness required for any walk before recommending it. Use ourwalking and hiking guide or cycling guide   or to help them pick ones suitable to their fitness levels.  
pack.JPGBe prepared for anything and everything: Being well prepared means considering everything above. But they will also need the right clothing, footwear, equipment, and enough food and water to cover them in an emergency. Follow all safety precautions as per the Outdoor Safety Codes.   
limits.JPGKnow their limits: It’s never too late to turn back. If your clients are planning to do Great Walks, Cycle Trails, Day Hikes or other adventures and they are not experienced in the activities, recommend a guided experience with a local who knows the terrain and weather well. You can recommend the Manaaki Trails, which are guided walks for less experienced people who still want the experience of a multi-day hike.