Please note:

Applications for the Explore New Zealand Discount Programme are open for Australia.

Applications are not being accepted from other countries until further notice while the New Zealand border is closed.

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand?  Are you a travel seller selling New Zealand and planning a trip to New Zealand?  Tourism New Zealand offer a discounted programme to help you discover for yourself what makes New Zealand special so you can share your knowledge with clients back home.

Why the Explore New Zealand Programme is a great way to experience our great country:

  • It’s affordable thanks to great discounts from accommodation and tourism operators who can showcase the best places and activities of which there are now over 1000 offers to choose from.
  • It’s useful because you’ll gain insight and knowledge to benefit your clients

Signing up is easy.  Apply to be on the Programme now if you’re:

  • Frontline travel sellers that are currently selling New Zealand as a destination and have completed 10 of our Online Training Modules.
  • Product planners, managers and other key decision makers who can increase New Zealand's profile and visitor numbers.
I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting New Zealand and being able to use the benefits of the Explore New Zealand Program.  The tour operators were so helpful and the tours/activities we were able to participate in were spectacular. Debra Fritts, Travel Planner, Travel Bazaar Inc

Application  criteria:

  • Only apply once you have confirmed international flights booked as accreditation is specific to the dates someone is in New Zealand
  • Tourism New Zealand’s marketing activities are focused on around 30 markets so these are the only places we can accredit travel agents from
  • Applications can’t be considered more than six months before proposed travel or less than two weeks before departing your home country.  If you are wishing to apply and it is close to your departure date, please contact the nearest TNZ office or use our Feedback Form.
  • Explore passes are normally valid for no more than 30 days
  • Travel agents must be resident outside New Zealand
  • One pass is issued per couple, even if you’re both travel agents, as you’ll be travelling together
  • You are welcome to apply again for any subsequent visits to New Zealand

What to do when you have been approved:

  • Allow at least three weeks for your application to be processed, as this gives us time to check with your manager  that you are currently employed by them.
  • You’ll receive an acknowledgment email with a unique ID number and a link to the deals on  Please note that these deals can only be viewed up to just after you leave New Zealand.
  • Once you have selected the activity/ accommodation you’d like to experience, remember to book ahead letting the operator know you are on the programme.  Bookings are subject to availability.

What to do when you’re in New Zealand

  • To redeem the deal, please bring your confirmation email and passport and show it to the operator to confirm approval on the programme and to ensure your name matches that on the email.
  • Have fun!

Please note:

  • Tourism New Zealand reserves the right to make the final decision with all Explore programme applications. 
  • International travel writers or individuals in media or travel bloggers with a written commission to profile New Zealand must now apply through the Media site