Would you like to gain more confidence selling New Zealand, but only have a few minutes to spare?

We understand! That’s why we’ve created these short training videos to provide you selling features to consider when recommending a New Zealand vacation.  Each video addresses a key selling theme and answer many of the questions we receive from agents like yourself.

How to Overcome the Barriers of Selling New Zealand

Do you often get clients hesitant to book a vacation to New Zealand because they are unsure of things like the time it takes to travel there, how best to get around, or the best time of year to visit? This video will help you address these barriers to booking.
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How to Sell New Zealand's Landscapes and Wildlife

You probably know New Zealand is like no other vacation destination. But did you know we offer a unique mix of captivating natural attractions and unusual wildlife? This video provides tips on how you can integrate natural activities and experiences into your clients’ New Zealand vacation.
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The Ease of Domestic Air Travel

One of the best-selling features of New Zealand is our relatively small size, meaning that once clients arrive, they can travel across the entire country during one visit, see multiple regions and enjoy a domestic air network that is very easy to navigate.
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Understanding our Seasons

Do your clients ask, “When is the best time of year to travel to New Zealand?”. If they do, watch this video to gain a better understanding of how New Zealand’s seasons match up with your clients’ travel requirements.
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Selling Self-Drive Vacations

Thanks to New Zealand’s relatively small size, it is perfect for a self-drive adventure. In this video you’ll gain insights on the how and why to selling a self-drive New Zealand vacation.
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