Explore New Zealand Discount Programme FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our commonly asked questions so that you can get the most out of your Explore self-famil.


What are the benefits of using Explore?

  • Flexibility: A self-famil gives you the flexibility to visit Aotearoa New Zealand at a time that suits you. You are encouraged to travel between March and November.
  • Stay longer: You can spend up to 30 days in Aotearoa New Zealand on a self-famil. Unlike a hosted famil with specific departure dates, you can decide when to travel and how long to stay for.
  • Choose your experiences: A self-famil allows you to construct you own itinerary, meaning you can visit the regions and operators that you want to see.
  • New connections: Make new connections with Qualmark tourism operators to enable you to build curated itineraries for your clients.


Application Process


I have applied for Explore but I haven’t received a confirmation?

Once you have submitted your application Tourism New Zealand staff will review your application and respond within ten working days.

I am travelling to New Zealand in two weeks, can I apply for Explore?

No, we recommend that you apply for Explore at least two months before your arrival date. You must book with operators at least 30 days before your arrival date.

I am travelling to New Zealand in 12 months, can I apply for Explore?

No, your travel date must be within 10 months of your Explore application. 

My partner is a travel seller too, should we both apply for Explore?

No, if you are travelling as a couple and both persons are agents or advisors only one person will be accepted per couple.

My travel dates have changed. Do I need to reapply for Explore?

No, you do not need to apply again, please email traveltrade@tnz.govt.nz and advise us of your new travel dates.

Why do I need to supply my manager’s name and contact details on the application form?

We may contact your manager to check that you are a permanent employee and to confirm that you are returning to your role after the self-famil.


Booking Process


How do I book Explore offers and discounts:

If approved, you will receive a unique Explore ID and a link to view all of the Explore Programme offers. Book your experiences directly with Qualmark operators by either:

  • Emailing operators using the suggested booking template and your unique Explore ID (operator contact details will be provided)
  • Booking via the operator website using the discount code provided (where applicable)

I want to travel in December, can I book using Explore ?

No, close out periods apply for travel between December and February. Travel sellers are encouraged to travel between March and November.


I am travelling to New Zealand with my friend, will they also get an Explore discount?

Yes, most tourism businesses extend a generous discount to travelling companions.


I’m travelling to New Zealand for two months, can I use Explore?

No, you can only spend up to 30 days in New Zealand on Explore.


Do I need to complete a pre-famil survey?

Yes, once your bookings are confirmed, please complete the Pre-famil Survey(opens in new window) before you travel to New Zealand.


While you are in Aotearoa New Zealand


I haven’t pre-booked with the operator, can I just turn up on the day to get the discount?

No, you must pre-book with tourism businesses at least 30 days prior to your arrival date.


I need to change my Explore booking, who should I contact?

You must promptly contact the tourism business you booked with to check if your booking can be changed.


I have pre-booked my accommodation, do I need to show the tourism business anything when I check-in?

Yes, please show a print out or electronic copy of your Explore Programme approval email when you arrive at your pre-booked experience.


When you return home


Do I need to complete a post-famil survey?

Yes, you must complete a post-famil survey(opens in new window) no earlier than 90 days and no later than 100 days after departing New Zealand. We will send you a reminder.


Do I need to complete a famil report?

No, but we love to hear from you so please send any feedback (good or bad) about your experience to the tourism business or traveltrade@tnz.govt.nz


Want to learn more about Explore?

Please read our Explore New Zealand Discount Programme Travel Sellers Guide(opens in new window).


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