Explore New Zealand Discount Program

Are you seeking new adventures, new connections, and new perspectives? It’s time to Explore!

 Are you planning a trip to New Zealand?

The Explore New Zealand programme offers deals and discounted activities and accommodation to frontline travel sellers (and approved media) for independent travel within New Zealand.

If you belong to our valued NZSP (New Zealand Specialist) whānau of travel industry partners and have been selling travel to Aotearoa New Zealand for some time, you will know about and may have used the Explore New Zealand Discount Programme.


Updating the Explore New Zealand Discount Programme

The Explore New Zealand Discount Programme is currently inactive while Tourism New Zealand reviews and updates the programme to reflect the many changes in the travel industry and respond to evolving travel trends.

The enhanced Explore Programme will provide a high-quality and current inventory of deals and discounts, and a better user experience.

If you are a travel seller and have any thoughts or feedback on previous experiences about what we could include, you are welcome to email us using our contact form.

If you are looking for updates on the programme, please revisit this page from time to time.

Thank you for your patience.

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Terms & Conditions

By submitting an application form for the Explore Programme and providing your email address to us, you accept the Terms and Conditions(opens in new window) and Privacy Policy(opens in new window) of the Programme and you consent to receiving emails from TNZ about pre and post-travel surveys, as well as other commercial electronic messages marketing and promoting goods and services which TNZ considers may be of interest to you, and electronic messages containing updated information in relation to the Explore Programme and various other information of related interest’