Our New Zealand backpacking industry wants to make sure travel sellers like you can feel confident and informed about their sector.  The Backpacker Youth and Adventure Tourism Association (BYATA) is their national organisation.

The Backpacker Youth and Adventure Tourism Association (BYATA) advocates for the backpacking, youth and adventure travel sector in New Zealand by:

  • Providing feedback to government agencies and the wider tourism industry about decisions that have or will affect the sector
  • Providing a forum for sharing views about issues affecting the sector internally and externally
  • Ensuring the industry is well regulated and works together to promote itself globally for profitability and sustainability

BYATA is supported by some of the best known brands in New Zealand tourism.  It’s led by an elected group of volunteers which meets every two months.  It encourages anyone interested in this sector of New Zealand tourism to join its organisation.  For more information contact Daniel Rode.

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