If You Seek Global Famil

Are you curious enough to earn your chance to win a place on the ultimate New Zealand famil?


To those ready to seek it, Aotearoa New Zealand gives everything. But the magic of this place is reserved for the curious, the ones ready to go a little further, ask more, immerse, embrace, respect and discover.

Does this sound like you? You could be immersing yourself in all things New Zealand, on our upcoming If You Seek Global Famil from 16th to 23rd April 2023.

Here is what you need to do to earn your chance to win a place. 

Step One: Complete the form below

Complete the form below to express your interest. You must use the same name and email provided across other Tourism New Zealand platforms (Marketing Hub and 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme).

Step Two: Start earning your place

You have until Tuesday, 28th of February 2023 to follow the instructions below to earn points. Singaporean-based travel sellers with the highest points will go into the draw to win!

1. Subscribe Travel Trade Newsletter(opens in new window) by filling out the form on our website (One point)

2. Sign up for the Marketing Hub(opens in new window) (One point)

  • Once signed-in, go to the menu bar. Click Campaign > If You Seek to find all of the If You Seek campaign marketing materials
  • Download one or more 'If You Seek' campaign marketing materials (Three points)

3. Join our closed Facebook Group(opens in new window) (One point)

  • Engage with our posts by either liking or commenting (Two points per like or comment)

4. 3. Register to become a New Zealand expert through our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme(opens in new window) (One point)

  • Complete 10 Modules (Five points)

4. Attend Virtual Visits training sessions (Three points per training)

The Winners will be announced before mid-March 2023.

Please read the full Terms & Conditions