When you create an account on the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme you have the option to create a travel agent listing on newzealand.com


It’s easy! If you opt in to having a listing on newzealand.com, as soon as you become a Bronze Specialist (i.e. complete 10 online modules), your details will be displayed on our consumer website.


Why you should list on newzealand.com

  • It’s free and easy
  • newzealand.com receives over 50 million hits per year. Each one of those visits could be a potential client for you.
  • It helps increase your visibility with consumers and therefore boosts your sales
  • As you progress through the tiers, your listing on newzealand.com will be prioritised. The higher your status, the more visible you are 

Some tips for writing your listing 

  • You have a maximum of 320 characters, so make sure you are concise.
  • Introduce your personal background as well as your company. For example: How long have you been a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist? Do you have a favourite activity or region in New Zealand? How many times have you travelled to New Zealand?
  • Do you specialise in a particular travel style, such as backpacking adventures or luxury holidays? Make sure you highlight this so clients looking for specific holiday types can find you.
  • Make sure your details in the profile are always up to date, so potential clients can contact you. 
Click here to create an account.