tatsumi2.jpgWhat is your name and where do you work? 

My name is Tatsumi, I work at OTS, a travel company in Japan. We also have a rental car operation in beautiful Queenstown.

What is your favourite place in New Zealand? 

I have been to many cities and towns in the South Island, but Queenstown is my absolute favourite place to be.

Why is it special to you? 

No matter what type of traveller you are, I am sure that Queenstown will not let you down! It’s a good place for adventure, cuisine and some shopping, or it’s just nice to lay back at the lakeside or terrace to relax and take in the breath-taking view of Queenstown!

Do you have a favourite time of year to visit? 

Talking about the South Island, it is always nice in regards to winter sports, but there are heaps of things you can enjoy in other seasons. I like running and hiking - New Zealand has heaps of trails you can explore in the warmer months. Maybe you can find your own secret favourite spectacular place as I have done here!!

What do you see as New Zealand’s unique selling points – the “must-dos” when creating itineraries for your clients? 

It is sometimes nice spending couple of hundred bucks on an unforgettable experience, but I reckon New Zealand offers more than that, especially if you are nature lover! Trails, gardens, lakes, and mountains, this is how you make the most of New Zealand’s unique and fantastic side – it’s such an astonishing environment. I believe my place and your place are good, but New Zealand is one you should wish to see once in a life time.

I would just say to use your free time to explore the local surroundings and you will find YOUR favourite place for sure - you go mate!

Which aspect of the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme do you find most useful? 

The modules are not only about studying, you have to pass each test which makes you feel confident about each area you learn. And it is not only a good learning programme for travel planners, it’s very useful to create itineraries and learn about products of New Zealand. Good stuff!

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