Damir.jpgWhat is your name and where do you work? 

My name is Damir Tomasevic, Product Manager at Pacific Travel House in Munich, Germany.

What is your favourite place in New Zealand? 

There are too many beautiful and magical places in New Zealand where I had really special moments…  So I would choose the place, where I had this typical “I love New Zealand feeling” the last time: Kapiti Island, located in the Wellington region.

Why is it special to you? 

It is one of those magical places: beautiful nature, nice beaches, great walks, lovely people and so many native birds. Just close your eyes and smell, listen and feel… pure relaxation!

Do you have a favourite time of year to visit? 

April – I always had great weather, the colours and the light are amazing.

What do you see as New Zealand’s unique selling points – the “must-dos” when creating itineraries for your clients? 

The unique selling points are nature, culture and especially the people in New Zealand.

The perfect itinerary has all of this included. Add a nice Māori guided tour here, a nice B&B or lodge there, a longer stay at one the famous spots (2 or 3 nights to discover a special region), a little cruise or jet boat ride there. It always should be a holiday and not just ticking off New Zealand’s highlights.

Which aspect of the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme do you find most useful? 

The programme is the best help to sell New Zealand – and it’s not only for beginners. If there any regions you are not familiar with, you find everything you need here. 

Even if you have never been to New Zealand you can build the perfect trip for your clients – it just takes a bit longer when you haven’t experienced it yourself. 

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