Travel sellers like you say our specialist training is good.  We’ve made some changes so now it’s even better. 

I hear you have made some changes to the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme. Do I need to do anything if I was an existing specialist before 1 June 2017? 

As part of the improvements to the programme, agents will now be listed on our consumer site

You will need to log in to the portal and reset your password so your contact information will be displayed on
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What happens to my existing training record? Do I have to re-sit modules to receive Bronze, Silver or Gold status?  

If you are an existing 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist, your current progress will not be affected by the changes to the programme. You will automatically receive Bronze, Silver or Gold status – depending on what you have completed to date. 

Can I still use my existing password and username? 

You’re username will remain the same but when we move to upgrade the system you will be prompted to enter a new password.  This is for security reasons.

When I login why does my account look different now? 

This is your personalised dashboard which provides information specifically related to your account and 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist news.

I am having issues with my account, who can I contact? 

For any questions or queries email

How can I use the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist logo?

Feel free to use our logo to help sell New Zealand to your clients.  Add it to your business cards, websites, brochures and more.  You will receive the logo in an email and you can access it via your dashboard. 

How do I update my contact information?

Help us keep in touch by simply logging in to your account and updating your details.

Why can’t I see my listing as a New Zealand Specialist on your website?

We want to make sure we only list current traders. Your listing will appear within 3 weeks of your registration at Stay listed by updating your listing at least once a year.

A certificate was emailed to me when I completed 10 training modules - is this the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist certificate?

No it’s just our way of congratulating you on completing 10 training modules.  We hope you’ll keep going and complete the criteria you need to become a 100% New Zealand Specialist.

I didn’t receive my email with a link to my certificate or the logo? 

You can download these via your dashboard, just log in to your account.