Our Wellington based Product Development Specialist, Anita Whiteley, tells us about her favourite undiscovered location - New Chum Beach in The Coromandel.

Name: Anita Whiteley

Position: Product Development Specialist

What is your favourite ‘undiscovered location’ in New Zealand?
My favourite off the beaten track location is New Chum Beach in The Coromandel.

Why is it special to you?
Growing up I used to be really scared of swimming in the ocean because I didn’t like not being able to see what was beneath me, I would normally only wade knee deep into the sea. But the water at New Chum is so crystal clear I couldn’t resist having my first proper swim in the ocean!

Also, the memory of spending time with my family in one of the most spectacular sun-kissed parts of New Zealand is very special to me.

Who did you travel with?
I’ve visited New Chum twice now, both times on family holidays.

What is your best piece of advice for people visiting this location?
There is only walking (or boat access) so make sure you bring suitable footwear for the walk from Whangapoua Beach to New Chum Beach. There are no shops at New Chum Beach so bring a picnic and plenty of water.

What is the closest airport/how do you get there? 
The nearest airport is located in Auckland. Coromandel Town is 2 hours and 15 minutes’ drive from Auckland. From Coromandel Town drive 25 minutes east to Whangapoua Beach. At Whangapoua Beach cross the stream at the northern end follow the rocky foreshore around to the headland. There is a track that goes over the saddle and down into New Chum Beach through spectacular nikau and pohutukawa groves. Visitors can get access to New Chum Beach regardless of the tide, but be prepared to get wet if crossing at high tide.

Alternatively, catch the ferry from Auckland to Coromandel Town approximately 2 hours, and then take a shuttle from Coromandel Town to Whangapoua Beach.

New Chum Beach

Lonely Planet Guide names New Chum Beach as one of the top 20 must see beaches in New Zealand. If your clients want seclusion and breath-taking views then New Chum Beach is an excellent option. Single day options, departing Auckland, are available for clients on a limited timeframe. Coromandel Adventures’ New Chum Beach Explorer is a one day trip from Coromandel Town to New Chum Beach, departing daily.

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