Name: Samantha Hampson

Position: Tourism Database Specialist

What is your favourite ‘undiscovered location’ in New Zealand?
Hanmer Springs

Why is it special to you?
It is a place that relaxes you as soon as you arrive. As a mountain town, it is surrounded by beautiful New Zealand landscape and fresh mountain air. It was one of the closest weekend getaway destinations when I was living in Christchurch, so it is full of memories of family trips to the Hanmer pools and weekend getaways with friends. It is popular with Canterbury locals for a reason. There is a surprising amount to do for such a small town. The thermal hot pools are always worth a visit and there is a variety of activities to do such as hiring a four-seater bike to go around town in, some shopping or going for a walk along one of the many tracks surrounding the town.

Who did you travel with?
Family and friends

What is your best piece of advice for people visiting this location?
The hot pools and walking trails are the best activities to do. Make sure to check out the visitor centre and the weather to see what walks are available around the town though. The walks are always very pretty and relaxing but they range in difficulty and seasonal availability.