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Northland's warm climate is home to beautiful beaches and forests, smiling people and wide open spaces. 

Visitors will spend a lot of time basking in the sun in Northland, home to many beaches and secluded sunny spots. The ocean is an important part of Northland, from Cape Reinga –  where people can watch two oceans meet – to the plentiful opportunities to swim, dive, surf, fish or kayak. Also home to historic sites, Northland will give you a sense of New Zealand instantly. 

The Best of Northland

  • The Poor Knights Islands – This marine reserve –  featuring over 50 dive spots and the largest sea cave in the world –  is simply paradise for any diver, snorkeler or kayaker.
  • Bay of Islands – Idyllic beaches line the coastline, with boating, sailing, fishing and surfing undertaken daily.
  • Historic sites – Visitors can get to know New Zealand and Māori culture through Waitangi Treaty Grounds, the site where Māori and the British Crown came together to sign the Treaty of Waitangi – the nations’ founding document.
  • Cape Reinga and 90 Mile Beach – Visitors can take a tour towards the meeting point between the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean, with towering sand dunes lining the beach as far as the eye can see.
  • Forests – With a guided tour by day or at twilight, your clients can experience some of the largest and oldest living rainforest trees in the world, not least the 2000 year old ‘Lord of the Forest’ at Waipoua Forest.
  • Fishing – Get your clients out on the water with a big-game fishing trip.

Further Information

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www.newzealand.com (Northland)

Climate & Weather:



AVG High

24 °C / 75.2 °F


14 °C / 57.2 °F



AVG High

16 °C/ 60.8 °F


7 °C / 44.6 °F

Attractions Northland

  • Ninety Mile Beach

    Ninety Mile Beach


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  • Dolphins


    Swim with playful dolphins in the warm waters of the Bay of Islands

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  • Shopping in Northland

    Shopping in Northland

    Known for its rich Maori culture and laid back coastal lifestyle, shopping in Northland is all about creative artistry, one-off boutiques and enjoying fresh local produce in the...

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  • Māori culture

    Māori culture

    Immerse yourself in Māori Culture in the Bay of Islands & Northland

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  • Waitangi Treaty Grounds

    Waitangi Treaty Grounds

    Discover the history of New Zealand. Waitangi Treaty Grounds welcomes you on a journey of discovery through New Zealand’s most important historic site.

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  • Diving


    With purpose-sunk shipwrecks, fascinating marine-life, and great visibility, Northland is one of New Zealand's most popular diving playgrounds.

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