With well-maintained roads and the ability to explore wherever they please, self-drive is a very popular option when travelling throughout New Zealand.

With rental cars available to hire from most main centres and airports, clients can set off from nearly anywhere, and get to lesser known parts of New Zealand. Clients will also be able to choose which car they wish to drive depending on their budget or taste, with small cars, 4WD’s, mini vans and luxury sports cars all available.

Visitors to New Zealand should be aware of any potential costs that can be incurred when renting, including cleaning costs and fines. Some rental car companies don't allow their cars to be driven on unsealed roads (of which there are a few, often near the beach or in the back-country), so make sure your clients are aware of the terms and conditions of hiring the car.

A driver’s license is necessary to drive in New Zealand, although if your clients have an English language license or an International Driving Permit then they can drive up for up to 12 months.

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