We've developed a set of guidelines based on research about the types of visitors coming to New Zealand.

This guide is called, "Making the Most of New Zealand". This guide aims to assist you in evaluating the way in which your print and online communications represent New Zealand, and provide you with suggestions on how to enhance this to increase the appeal to potential travellers.
The guide also provides you with information on what travellers to New Zealand are looking for from a holiday here, so you can be sure that your marketing efforts grab their interest and inspire them to book a holiday here.
Key areas covered in this guide are:
New Zealand’s target market
What motivates them to choose New Zealand as a holiday destination 
Techniques proven to be effective when marketing New Zealand
Style guidelines and proven itinerary tips 
How to add stories to create an emotional connection to New Zealand
Information on Qualmark - New Zealand’s tourism quality accreditation system
Tips on how to best use images
Guidance on how to obtain Tourism New Zealand content and images in your own marketing.
Online and new media tips to help you market New Zealand