Take a peek into New Zealand's PurePods

Scattered around New Zealand’s South Island, are seven luxurious glass eco-cabins known as PurePods.

Night sky at Greystone PurePod, credit: PurePod
A totally immersive experience, each Pod is situated in the middle of nowhere and made of heavy-duty glass so guests can see everything – from the starry night skies above to the native plants growing beneath their feet. An architecturally astounding, off-grid experience that teaches guests what it means to unwind in style.

Inside, the five-star Pods are modern and luxurious, but the true extravagance is blissful isolation and views that run out for miles – out to sea or across farms, valleys and vineyards.

PurePods are solar-powered, operating fully off the grid. They are deliberately free of power plugs and a Wi-Fi connection so guests can be assured of tranquillity, and a minimal carbon footprint.

PurePods are furnished with a fully equipped bathroom, kitchen and luxurious queen-sized bed and are designed for a maximum of two people.
Where are PurePods located?
With seven different PurePod’s to choose from, there’s sure to be a location that fits within any itinerary travelling through the Canterbury region.

Each Pod offers slightly different settings for guests to lose themselves in. Some offer sea views and some offer spectacular sunrises. One is nestled right in amongst the bush buzzing with native bird life and another sits above an organic winery with views of the valley below.
  • Kererū PurePod | 50 minutes from Christchurch | The original PurePod is nestled into regenerating bush high above the Little River township on Banks Peninsula. Located 600m from carpark.
  • Greystone PurePod | 1 hour north of Christchurch | The Greystone PurePod is set high above the award-winning Greystone vineyard, right in the heart of the Waipara Valley producing region. Located 650m from carpark.
  • Atatū PurePod | 90 minutes north-east of Christchurch | Perched high above the Greta Valley coastline, with sweeping sea views and stunning sunrises. Located 750m from carpark.
  • Korimako PurePod | 90 minutes north-east of Christchurch | Nestled in native bush along the Greta Valley coastline with a beautiful view out to the bay. Located 430m from carpark.
  • Kahutara PurePod | 20 minutes inland from Kaikōura and 2.5 hours from Christchurch | Perched above the Kahutara River with vast views. Located 950m from carpark.
  • Manakau PurePod | 20 minutes inland from Kaikōura and 2.5 hours from Christchurch | In a vast landscape with perfect views of the mighty Seaward Kaikura Mountains. Located 900m from carpark.
  • Pōhue PurePod | 1 hour from Christchurch | The Pōhue PurePod has beautiful views of the historic Port Levy Bay, surrounded by rolling hills and magnificent rocky outcrops. Located 1.2km from carpark.
The exact location of each PurePod remains a secret until the booking has been confirmed. Each guest will receive step-by-step directions to find the exact location of their selected PurePod. Pods are accessible via a short walk from the secure carpark.
How private are PurePods?
One of the best gifts that New Zealand offers is the ability to be alone in extraordinary beautiful places – a concept that can be hard to understand to those who live in highly populated urban areas.

Special care has been taken to select sites for each PurePod that preserve visitor’s privacy. All Pods are located on private land far away from buildings, public roadways, or walkways. While most PurePods are built on properties that are being farmed, they are away from the active areas of the farm. The landowners also maintain the PurePod so they know when it is occupied and are committed to leaving guests undisturbed.  

For those who still aren’t convinced, all PurePods are fitted with blinds on the windows and ceilings.
What cooking facilities are there?
Guests can opt to bring their own food supplies as each PurePod has a cooktop in the kitchen and a barbeque on the deck. They are also stocked with basic cooking ingredients such as olive oil, salt, pepper, coffee, tea, milk, sugar and all the utensils needed to cook for two.

For guests who don’t want the hassle of bringing their own food, upgrade their booking to include the Dinner & Breakfast Package. Dinners are sourced from fresh local seasonal ingredients consisting of a starter, a main and a sweet treat to finish. Breakfast is freshly made muesli with local organic yoghurt. Meals may vary slightly between PurePod locations.

While it’s possible to leave the property to stock up on supplies, the desire to stay put and relax is overwhelming so it is recommended to bring enough food and drink to totally indulge in the isolation.

For more information, visit PurePods.com