RECIPE: Cosy up with a batch of Southland Cheese Rolls

The Southland Cheese Roll is a homely treat found all over hospitable southern New Zealand.

New Zealand Cheese Rolls
Away from the headlines and having to stay home, many of us have found a new or at least renewed interest in food. So, to feed that inner comfort desire, here’s a little taste of New Zealand. 

The Cheese Roll is the simplest of recipes, created with the most ordinary ingredients. Here’s hoping that you will be able to source the essential sliced white bread, the tasty cheese, and New Zealand butter. 

This is the kind of home recipe that you can innovate with as much as you want. Cheese is the essential ingredient but, if you can’t find dried onion soup, then you could substitute some finely chopped onion, seasonings and a little stock powder, and add a dollop of cream (fresh, sour or crème fraiche) instead of the water. 

Our recipe is brought to you by the local experts,

The Mighty Southland Cheese Roll 

1x loaf of medium sliced white bread
500gm tasty cheese – grated
1/2 packet dried Onion Soup Mix
Splash of boiling water
New Zealand butter

Mix the grated cheese, onion soup and boiling water together in a bowl until blended into a spreadable mixture.
Spread a generous amount of mixture onto a piece of bread and then roll. Repeat with each slice. 

Bake in the oven at 350F/180C and finish by grilling to golden brown. Equally, use a sandwich press (be careful not to squash too much) or George Foreman grill to get those real crunchy cheesy bits that spill out of the ends. 

Serve hot with lashings of real butter.

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