April 2018: Cycling in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Great Rides can be experienced over a number of days, or just a few hours – the location and facilities available makes choosing a suitable experience easy.

Lake Pukaki, Mount Cook Photo: Camilla rutherford
Read on to find out about the cycle trails in New Zealand and what resources there are to help you plan your clients’ next holiday. 

New Zealand Great Rides Product Manual

This product manual contains information on New Zealand’s Great Rides, where they are located, the terrain they cover and how to ride the trail. Alongside each trail you’ll find a selection of trade ready businesses who offer high quality experiences for your clients.
Click here to visit the cycling hub on our trade website and download the latest guide.

New Zealand Cycle Trail Guide

Explore New Zealand’s Great Rides with this 19 page booklet, covering where the rides are located, how to choose a trail, facilities along the way and an overview of each trail. Use it for yourself or give it to your clients to help them make a decision on which one to choose.
Download the guide here.

Cycling in New Zealand training module

Complete the cycling module as part of the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist programme and learn the differences between some of the Great Rides available.
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Newzealand.com – cycling and mountain biking hub

Read about the cycle trails, mountain biking options, events, guided tours and itineraries for your clients on newzealand.com.
Click here to visit the cycling and mountain biking hub.

New Zealand Cycle Trail Website 

Visit the official New Zealand Cycle Trail website to find out all of the latest news on the Great Rides. Explore the trails, find inspiration for your clients’ next trip, read about the official partners and the history of the project.
Click here to visit the official website.