Tourism New Zealand launches first “mini” online training programme in China

Tourism New Zealand has launched a lighter version of its online training programme, the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme.

The first of its kind, the “New Zealand Specialist Mini Programme 1.0” offers fun and interactive training modules on WeChat.
Developed over eight months in conjunction with Razorfish China, the new mini programme was launched at industry training event Kiwi Link China, held in Chengdu in November. 
Based on the existing online training modules, the mini modules have been cut down to encourage “micro-learning”, encouraging agents to learn smaller snippets of information in a shorter timeframe.

Easy to use and share with others, they can be completed on a smart phone and are ideal for improving agents’ destination and product knowledge on the go. 
By completing 11 modules in the mini programme and passing an online test, users receive Bronze New Zealand Specialist status.

In order to upgrade to Silver or Gold status, agents need to complete more advanced training modules and upload proof of their trip to New Zealand.

More features will be available in future with the New Zealand Specialist Mini Programme 2.0.

The mini programme is free and can be accessed by scanning the QR code, or visiting the Chinese version of this website.