Changes to our specialist programme

It is now even easier for travel sellers to become New Zealand experts, thanks to improvements Tourism New Zealand has made to its trade training programme.

The 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme improves travel sellers’ knowledge of New Zealand through online and in-person training so they can build ‘must do’ New Zealand itineraries for clients.

The successful programme has been improved further with the introduction of a Gold, Silver and Bronze tier structure, with appropriate benefits and incentives for each tier. 

The benefits include access to in-market training, webinars and events, Tourism New Zealand’s Explore New Zealand Discount Programme, and 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist branded items.

“Becoming a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist presents an opportunity for travel sellers to potentially increase their sales and referrals. Specialists’ contact details are listed on Tourism New Zealand’s consumer website which is viewed over 30 million times a year,” says Rene de Monchy, Director of Trade, PR and Major Events at Tourism New Zealand.

For more information on the new-look 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme and to sign up, go to