Upcoming changes to the Explore New Zealand Programme

From Friday 28 March, the current hard-copy Explore Card will no longer be issued.

Te Puia
The Explore New Zealand Programme is the discount programme for media and travel sellers and designed to complement Tourism New Zealand’s familiarisation trips.

Now, those who meet the Explore Programme criteria will receive an email containing a unique user ID. When the email containing the unique ID is presented with a current passport, the accredited user will be eligible for Explore programme discounts.  
The new process streamlines the system for all concerned, reducing administration and complementing the Explore New Zealand Programme’s move online in 2013. 
For travel sellers who have recently been issued an Explore Card, or are currently travelling with one, these will continue to be honoured through to their noted expiry date. 
Should you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact Tourism New Zealand on Stephen.griffith@tnz.govt.nz