New TravelsafeNZ safety service

A new safety service for domestic travellers and international visitors has just launched, helping them avoid disruption to their journey and providing them with a sense of security.

Glenorchy Road, Queenstown
It pulls together information on disruptions like earthquakes, floods and severe weather conditions as well as road closures and also links them to local support, should a problem be unavoidable. The information is then sent out as timely, accurate and useful advice via a smartphone app. TravelsafeNZ will highlight ‘traffic black spots’ and promote driving and general safety messages. Travellers can report incidents and the app provides users with links to their Embassy or Consulate. 

TravelsafeNZ has been endorsed and supported by a number of Government agencies in the emergency services and tourism sectors. Avis Rent a Car and Budget Rent a Car customers will be encouraged to download the service.

TravelsafeNZ is currently available in English and on Android phones version 4 or later. It is envisaged that at a later date it will be translated into other languages as well as be available to iPhone users.