New fishing licences for non-residents

Fish & Game New Zealand is launching new licences for overseas anglers who visit the country and fish for longer than a day or so.

Spring Creek, West Coast. Photo: David Lambroughton
The non-resident season licence (NRL) will cost NZ$160. It is aimed in particular at the dedicated overseas angler who comes to New Zealand to fish for trout intensively for days, if not weeks.

Non-resident licences will be on sale for the new fishing season which begins 1 October, and must be purchased by any visitor from another country who wants to fish for trout for an extended period. 24 hour licences will still be available to them, but they’ll no longer be eligible for the New Zealand adult whole season, family or winter licences.

If a non-resident is caught angling using anything other than an NRL or a 24 hour licence, they will be treated in the same way as an un-licenced angler. Prosecution could follow.

Fish & Game chief executive officer Bryce Johnson says the non-resident licence has been introduced to ensure that such anglers pay their ‘fair share’ towards the management of New Zealand fisheries. ‘Non-residents have been getting a bargain - the benefit of a fishery they haven’t really paid for – compared with the Kiwi angler who has contributed to the ongoing management of fisheries both through fishing licence fees and taxes.