Find out about some of the operators our Travel Ambassdors met on the journey.

Feature Hosts


White Island Tours

Patrick O'Sullivan, General Manager

White Island Tours provides the unique experience of exploring the inner crater of an active volcano. White Island is so spectacular and being able to share it with our visitors is an absolute privilege, so we take our role of delivering kiwi hospitality while we do so very seriously. I really love that the journey to and from White Island gives our crew and passengers time to interact on a personal level and they leave us feeling like they have spent the day with friends.
Instagram: @whiteislandtours  

William Stewart,  Mataatua Visitor Experience General Manager 

For us at Mataatua, manaakitanga means upholding the 1000-year legacy our tribe has for welcoming visitors to this region. Today, that privilege is ours as we proudly welcome visitors into our sacred ancestral house and arguably our most revered tribal treasure. But with great privilege comes great responsibility. To deliver anything less than finest hospitality would not only be disrespectful, it would tarnish the mana, or reputation, of our people, our place and those who came before us. We embrace manaakitanga is an ancestrally-inherited obligation to ensure every visitor arrives a stranger but leaves a friend - a friend with lifelong memories of our house, our land, our culture and our people. To us, that is manaakitanga.

Bay of Plenty Operators


Frontier Helicopters

Mark Law, CEO and CFI

I am the CEO and CFI at Frontier Helicopters, I began my career by recovering deer from NZ wilderness in 1998.  This was followed by extensive aerial work throughout the world, including the USA, Mexico, Australia and Africa.  I now have 8000+ flight hours in experience, inclusive of 4000+ instruction flying.  In my spare time I enjoy a good surf, loves outdoor activities and spending time with my family.


Hotel on Devonport

Emma Pore, Operations Manager

Hotel on Devonport is a boutique style hotel located in central Tauranga. I love the opportunity to welcome our guests from around the world and to provide a relaxing sanctuary during their travels.

Instagram: @hotelondevonportnz

Bay Explorer

Brandon Stone, Owner/Marine Wildlife Addict

Bay Explorer is the premium wildlife and adventure seafari experience in the Bay of Plenty. I have a long-held passion for the ocean, so with Bay Explorer I make that passion accessible for others to share – both locals and tourists to the region.

Instagram:  @bayexplorer