How do I know if I’m selling a self-contained vehicle?

If you’re not sure what this means, essentially it is a vehicle which has the following:
  • a toilet - this must be inside and useable while the bed is in place
  • fresh water storage 
  • waste water storage, and
  • a rubbish bin with a lid
  • self-containment-blue-sticker-sm.gifa warrant and sticker certification displayed on the front and the rear of the vehicle.
Always check with the wholesaler or rental company to be sure. When your clients pick up the vehicle they will see the blue sticker on the front and back of the vehicle.

When discussing campervan or motorhome options with your clients make sure you also discuss where to stay overnight.

Many people won't be aware of the regulations in New Zealand and these many affect their choices. There are many resources available to help make their trip as easy and flexible as possible and save them money.

  • Have you discussed Department of Conservation (DOC) Campsite passes that allow them to pre-pay for bulk nights? pass.JPGDOC provide a weekly campsite pass for $25 per person that allows access to DOC campervan campsites across New Zealand, which provides significant discounts for campsites. See DOC Campsites for more information.
  • Are you building in holiday parks to allow them to empty septic tanks, charge their vehicles, re-fill water tanks, do laundry etc? Holiday Parks are often a welcome break to travellers because they provide opportunities to access proper facilities like showers, BBQs, kitchens and sometimes things like hot tubs, coffee shops or tour desks. See Holiday Parks for more information on trade exclusive discount passes.
  • ​If they are travelling outside of peak season (December - February) you can recommend apps like Rankers and Campermate to help them find suitable campsites locally:

rankers-app.jpgRankers Camping NZ App

Independent reviews from other travellers and over 1500 camping locations throughout New Zealand. Also, an Offline Map - no need for Wi-Fi!
Download for Apple | Download for Android

newzealand_image.jpgCampermate App

Find campsites, toilets and waste stations. It also includes lots of helpful information such as areas with WiFi access.
Download for Apple | Download for Android

If your clients are hiring a car or non self-contained camper:

Remind them that freedom camping in New Zealand is only permitted when done responsibly, so camping without a self-contained vehicle is only permitted in designated campsites that have toilet facilities and expressly state it is permitted. 

Many people choose to hire a car or smaller camper as it is significantly cheaper than a campervan, both up front and to run. There are hundreds of designated camp grounds and holiday parks that cater for these, offering unpowered sites at very reasonable prices. 

Some advantages of these designated camp sites are:

  • Better safety and security for you and your belongings

  • Access to water

  • Toilet and washing facilities

  • Fire pits and safe barbecuing areas.

Designated camp grounds are situated in most beauty spots – so whenever your clients visit a lake, mountain, river, beach, forest or any other scenic area, you can almost guarantee there will be a designated camping ground, so they won’t miss out.
If they want to pre-book, Holiday Parks are widely available with most wholesalers to book basic cabins starting from as little as $60 a night.