New Zealand’s natural landscape and wildlife is what makes our place unique and we share the responsibility to care for it with our visitors. 

Here is some guidance to share with your clients on how they can help protect our nature: 

Give wildlife space

Keep at least 20 metres from all wildlife and never feed our birds – even if they ask!
In New Zealand we have many unique wildlife encounters that enable your clients to safely get up close with our wildlife, when accompanied by trained guides or rangers. If your clients want memorable close encounters, then these guided experiences are the best options as it is not safe or fair on the animals to approach them in the wild.

Always use a toilet

Public toilets are readily available in New Zealand and can be located through mobile app service Campermate. If your clients are planning recognised hikes, then there will usually be basic toilets along the tracks. If they are more experienced and planning multi-day hikes, advise them to familiarise themselves with the Department of Conservation's (DOC) website for information on what to do when no toilets are available.  

Follow the rules and signage

If your clients are camping then they must follow all camping rules and be aware of where they can and cannot camp, which will depend on their vehicle and the facilities available. For more information visit the Responsible Camping Page as this can have a huge impact on the environment if campers are not being responsible.  

Advise clients to check instructions for recycling and rubbish disposal at each place they visit and understand that fines are possible for infringements.

Due to New Zealand’s many protected trees, plants and wildlife, there may be information about conservation efforts and requirements to wash or spray equipment to the prevent spread of tree diseases etc. Please advise your clients to follow these practices where required. This also includes ensuring they follow New Zealand's Biosecurity regulations by cleaning all outdoor gear before arriving in New Zealand.

Check if drones need a permit 

Anyone who wants to fly a drone near our parks and wildlife needs to check the DOC website to see whether they need a permit. There are also Civil Aviation Authority regulations to consider as much of New Zealand is active air space so if your clients plan to bring a drone, make sure they allow plenty of time to obtain these as they can take a while to process. Please visit the Airshare website to find out more.