Easy tips for your clients to keep New Zealand clean and green.

New Zealand is a popular holiday destination for its clean, green landscapes and natural environment. To help keep New Zealand beautiful for generations to come we need your help as travel sellers to educate our visitors on this.  

Here are some key points to remember:

Don’t Litter

Help us protect our land, water and wildlife by explaining to your clients that it is customary to take their litter with them and use a bin when available.  Much of New Zealand is quite remote and rubbish or recycling bins may not always be available due to the practicalities of servicing these areas.  Advise your clients to always carry a rubbish bag that they can store until they find a bin. 


Always use a toilet

If your clients are planning multi-day hikes, advise them to familiarise themselves with the Department of Conservation's (DOC) website for information on what to do when no toilets are available.


Follow the rules

Advise them to check instructions for recycling and rubbish or waste disposal at each new destination as fines are possible for infringements.


Camp Responsibly 

As camping is such a popular activity in New Zealand and this is quite a basic way of travelling, the potential effects on the landscape are huge. So, make sure you remind your clients that while camping is often free of charge in New Zealand, it is not free of responsibility. They must follow all camping rules and be aware of where they can and cannot camp, which will be dependent on their vehicle type and the facilities available at the site.
Visit the Responsible Camping section for more information on this, but the four most important rules for ALL travellers, whether in a paid campsite or freedom camping are:
  1. Camping on private property or sites displaying no camping signs, whether in a vehicle or a tent, is not permitted. Doing so can result in a minimum $200 infringement fee.  
  2. Visitors must have their own toilets, fresh water and waste systems, unless provided by the campsite.  If the vehicle is not self-contained then a $200 infringement fee will apply. 
  3. Leaving behind litter and human waste is strictly prohibited at any location.  If the bin is full, rubbish must be taken away when leaving.  
  4. Emptying of on-board toilets is only permissible at legal Dump Stations, generally found in holiday parks.  Non-compliance can result in a $200 infringement fee or a maximum $10,000 fine if prosecuted.